Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why I want my pilot's license.

For the love of God, I hate airports!!!! Not just the airport itself, but all the hassle that goes with the entire system. Don't get me wrong, I love to fly and it sure beats driving as far as comfort and time goes, but dealing with all the stupid crap and high prices that come with airports almost isn't worth it. Security really isn't that much of a problem because unless you're a total idiot the longest part of the process is the line (and this is coming from someone who has 12 pockets that he has to empty when flying in uniform). The price isn't even my biggest complaint either, because air-fare has significantly decreased over the last ten years to the point where it's cheaper to fly to and from certain locations than it is to get a greyhound ticket (don't even get me started on greyhound, maybe some other time if I hit rock bottom); I mean, sure, they do tend to over charge at the little gift shops and restaurants, and you better have a pretty deep wallet if you want to get drunk on the plane, but there are plenty of inexpensive alternatives. No, for me, the biggest issue I have with airports is the wait. Maybe it's just because I'm part of the new "I want it now" instant access internet generation, but when you only have so long that you can be away, every hour, minute, second, of your vacation time is precious, especially that spent traveling. The main reason I fly when I travel is because it's faster than driving (most of my trips are between central Texas and southern Idaho, a 26ish hour drive) and I can sleep on the move. However when you end up spending an entire day waiting in an airport because your flight was oversold or they sent a smaller plane than expected, or the comp. voucher you were given only got you a flight through a connecting hub that only has two flights going out to your final destination a day, it kind of defeats the purpose. Now with gas prices rising yet again (or so I'm told, I haven't seen a legitimate gas station in nine and a half months) and "fuel efficient" marketed cars costing an arm and a leg, the cost difference between flying vs driving is becoming much smaller. Yet when you factor in food and hotel (if you're one of those people who's not comfortable sleeping in your car, or traveling with young children) I would say that the cost is about equal, so people mostly fly instead of road trip due to convenience and time. If I were able to get my personal pilots license though, I would be able to cut out the middle man. I could buy a small little prop plane and then the most expensive/time consuming part of any long distance trip I take would be fuel. It would give me more job opportunities for flying around spoiled rich folk with more money than they know what to do with. But just the convenience of being able to take off and land in smaller regional airports with no difference in cost would make up for any inconvenience I can imagine that would come with flying yourself from point a to point b. I feel like I'm about to start talking in circles, so I'm just going to end this with a suggestion that there should be more scholarships for commercial airline pilots to help get flights moving more frequently. And with that, I'm off to find something to keep me occupied for the next two hours until my flight boards.

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