Saturday, June 4, 2011

So how 'bout them Percs huh?

So on the first I got my top left wisdom tooth pulled (I know, kinda late, but dental work is expensive if you don't have insurance), and everyone I talked to who already had theirs taken out said it would be excruciatingly painful. The procedure itself wasn't very bad, Novocain is one of the few drugs that actually does what it's supposed to do for me, so I didn't feel a thing when they yanked it out, but they said it was the after effects that would leave me crying and begging for more pain pills. However, aside from some tenderness in my cheek, I really didn't feel anything, and still don't. But I was given 12 Percocets, so I figured I may as well enjoy a nice, legal, opiate high. The first one I took was a couple hours after I got the tooth pulled, before the Novocain wore off, so I could see what the effects were without any pain, and within fifteen minutes I was passed out. Now I thought that would happen every time I took them, but apparently it was just a combination of not having had enough sleep in the last nine months, and the natural stress on my system of having a tooth pulled. I didn't take another pill for something like 28 hours because I wasn't in pain, so why use up this drug that everyone seems to be crazy about, but being curious and having never done a drug other than alcohol and tobacco (I had never even had any medication stronger than a tylenol at this point), I decided to take another one, just to see if it would have an affect on me. Well this time, I didn't pass out, but I didn't really feel anything either, so I talked to my buddy who's pretty experienced in the drug world and he said "just rail three next time". I didn't want to right then because it was the middle of the day, and I had some stuff I needed to take care of around the base and didn't want to be all drugged out (just in case it did affect me the way it was supposed to) so I waited until last night and popped two at once. Now while I didn't feel any different, and it certainly didn't do what the drug was supposed to, it did affect me this time. Instead of putting me on my ass, or making me feel slightly detached, it totally wired me. I ended up being awake for well over 28 hours (which is not something I do unless absolutely necessary. I love my sleep) and spent at least 13 hours (straight) talking on the phone and skype with my girlfriend. I'm surprised she didn't notice because I was a lot more talkative than usual, maybe she just thought I had more to talk about, but it was actually a very nice long conversation. Anyway, normally when I stay awake for that long, it takes me a good 13-15 hours of sleep to feel recovered/refreshed, yet today, I only slept for the regular 8 hours and feel totally fine. So as far as being a pain medication goes, let's just say I'm very thankful for my high pain tolerance, but as far as being awesome, I give Percocet a B+. Let's see if I feel the same way when I have to get all the others removed at the same time this fall.


  1. My wisdom teeth are coming in right now :/

  2. Ouch, so like does everyone have a wisdom tooth and has to get it out some time in his life or only some people?

  3. Everyone has wisdom teeth (with the obvious very few exceptions due to genetics), but not everyone has to have them taken out. They generally start to come in anywhere between 15 and 25, and if there isn't enough room in your mouth, chances are you're going to need to get it pulled. Some people get them removed early (mid teens) surgically so they don't have to deal with the pain of them growing in or worry about the new teeth crowding their current ones and messing them up. I lucked out and only needed one pulled now, but I'm going to have to get both of my bottom ones surgically removed this fall because they're growing forward towards the other teeth instead of straight up, and that is going to be a rough couple of recovery days.